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Feb. 11, 2013

Here is the number one item I needed to begin healing. A BLENDER! Not just any blender, a Vitamix. To pricey? Then get a Blendtec. I found them on amazon for nearly half the cost on their site. Still to much? Magic bullet? Bottom line,. anything is better than nothing!! so get a blender.

Here is the second item. GREENS. Not just any greens, but Kale is the best choice. Anything green will do,. with the understanding that it may have more or less nutrients then Kale. Kale is my drug of choice. I use it to reduce my headaches/migraines, body aches, and my biggest foe, stamina. If I get enough,. I remain stronger and feel better, then I do without it.

Kale is a super food. It is super dense in nutrition, including 687% of your daily need of vitamin K, and 206% of vitamin A, which is equal to taking 10,000 IU MOL of a supplement, without the added man made binder that is in all vitamins. It also has Omega 3 and Omega 6, carbs, amino acids, a small amount of protien and fat.

I do understand that blending kale, to create a smoothie, sounds ,..well,.gross, and it is.

Here is what I do,.pineapple, banana, and 4 large leaves of kale,.. you will never taste it.

My favorite is tomatoe, carrots, and 4 large leaves of kale,.blend until warm, add some sea salt and pepper. Yum! Taste like warm vegetable soup.

Still doesnt sound good?  My best advice is to work with your palate. Do NOT follow recipes,.follow what will taste good to you, you can google, and over spend for smoothie recipe cookbooks that are out there to improve your health,.but none of this is going to work if it taste bad to you. The trick is to use nutritionally dense veggies. Still need to figure it out? There is a site called I go there all the time and look at what I am consuming, and how it will benefit me in the long run.

Here is the third "MUST"! you must grow your own! To sick? To disabled? Grow in pots,. grow in planters,.ask for help, find a local co-op, know your farmer. Eat local ,in season produce. Again,.if you cant grow your own,. at least buy local.

Micronutriants disappear in produce 4 - 10 hours after harvest, this is the only reason I feel this way. as a way to save money (you do) as a great therapy, (it is) growing an abundant amount that you can even share? (it happens) and bottom line,. everything you buy from the store that says "fresh produce" is stale. It is not complete nutrition,..again,. let me repeat,. something is better than nothing. If this is where you can begin,. do it.

Just because I took the steps to grow my own,. doesnt mean you should or could. When I made this decision,. I was finacially depleted, mentally exhausted, and physically incapable of growing my own. I chose Hydroponics,.because it would self water and fertilize,..and the best part,.. NO SOIL!! The garden produced on its own after set up,.and with in 3 weeks I was harvesting lettuce. within a month I spotted tomatoes and kale leaves that I could harvest. hydroponics can  be and are expensive,. the best site I have found,. that I could afford is

I was convinced I was malabsorbed. my nails had embedded, my nautrally curly hair, fell flat and frizzed. My skin became ruddy and dull,.and I was just ,.plain,.. physically exhausted. My days were spent either resting so I could work,. or just resting cause that was all I could do.

I was eating organic,. I was following a strict paleo lifestyle. I studied beyond what I read on this. Why I should avoid dairy,.why I should avoid all grains,..WHY CANT I EAT LEGUMES! I love bread,.whole grain bread, I love cheese,. and as a self proclaimed hippie, black beans and rice,.that was a staple in my diet. So there had better be a good reason for removing them from my life,.and there is.

More about that on another blog.

Now back to blending, everyone is different, and will react differently to this process.

My hope was to be kinder to my, already over taxed system. If I could break the cell walls of the plant down before putting it in my body, it would be beneficial. This is not my idea, this comes from the many articles and books I have researched over the last year. When I was first introduced to the idea,. I nodded politely,. and thought "this is crazy,. yea yea,..good luck with that". I love food,.I love the texture, flavor, and variety. I love spices and herbs and go to great lenghts to add them to my life.  Why would I mess that up? Little did I know the impact it would have on me.

Here is what happened. In 3 days, my constant migraine disppeared. in 5 days ,my pain levels dropped, and my stomach stopped hurting ( I use to discribe this as ," feels like I have eaten broken glass") . In 10 days,. my stamina improved, and suddenly , I began to re-emerge into my life. I began to see 2 clients , instead of 1 a day,.then 3 clients, then 4. it took 4 months,. but eventually I was able to go about "doing" things, like visit friends, or go out to lunch. yes,. it is a big deal, cause I havent. I havent in 3 years and many people thought I had moved away.

Do I blend all of my meals??  of course not! I do have a smoothie at least once a day, and it makes a difference. let me also be clear,. that I am NOT a vegan, nor am I such a hippie , that I speak out against health care and science. i believe in them too,. I have worked in the medical field, and during my illness, I was surrounded by an oasis of doctors , who had my best interest in mind, and worked passionately to help my increasingly desperate situation. One of my pet peaves, is to hear a person remark,. that the doctor didnt do a thing for them, but give them drugs. Doctors are trained to treat disease, and when I worked in the medical field, I was also trained to follow their orders,. to treat disease and injury. I havent found a physican yet, who treats people because their healthy. I am also very aware that I can not treat a brain tumor with massage! Professionals , including myself, may be misinformed about how food can be used as medicine,. but I have NEVER come across a Physician who said,. "wow, need to cut back on your vegetables"
Just move forward. It dosen't matter how slow you go,. just as long as , YOU ARE MOVING FORWARD!

You and you alone are personally responsible for your own well being