Looking inward.

Feb. 22, 2013

I have always considered myself a professional,...something. Like I had mentioned in previous posts, I have had a wonderful life. It has been so much more then that. I have also be surrounded by the best and the worst of people. I must say , I enjoyed them all!

Today I want to touch into that a bit more,.but I am off balance today. I had enough sleep,.I feel like I could do something,.special,.write in a way that would touch lives and move mountains. However,. today,. I am exhausted. no reason,.I didnt do anything,. I am just simply exhausted, witha touch of blurred vision and slurred speech. My client caught the speech, and correct a word I was trying to say. If he wasn't someone I trusted , someone I care for deeply,. I would have been embarassed. he never is rude.

I dont know why this happens,. I have figured out that stress, any kind of stress for that matter,. can cause me to become physically weak. I almost feel drugged, and to not be able to control it,.manage it, or explain it,.is again, embarrassing.

This much I know,. it now only last a day or two,. maybe three,.my diet is key, if I eat pure whole foods,.I am better,. so tomorrow is another day. I will try to rest, and be kind to myself. I turely believe it doesnt matter how slow you go,. just keep moving forward,. and never, EVER, give up!