my overgrown garden

Mar. 24, 2013

I was raised to garden!!!. Not the type I do today, which is vertical, self watering and fertilizing garden. no soil, grown in shredded coconut shell, garden. My dad would be so upset.

He believed in gardening. A cost effective, labor intensive, till the dirt, drop the cloth before winter, till the dirt, , fertilize the dirt, spread manure into the dirt,till, till, till the dirt, hand sow the seeds into the dirt, type of gardening.

Things have changed! He would probably call this lazy, but to my dad,. eveyone was lazy ever since they invented the car! Of course he walked up hill , both ways, in the snow, without shoes,.on and on and on.

One thing I do , that my dad didnt do, I collect my own seed. I had a client stop by my "over grown garden spot," and say "ya kinda let this part go, didnt ya?" "no." I said. "I purposly let this part of the garden prosper!" <deerintheheadlightlook>,....<crickets> ,...."so I can collect the seed, for next years growing season",...<morecrickets>,...smh. In a smug voice, he said "cheaper to buy 'em!"   "yup!" ,...smh.

My client is right, it is cheaper and easier, and I wouldnt have a portion of my garden dedicated to seed collection.

Here is what you dont get. Direct knowledge that the seeds are pure, hybrid, or GMO's. No matter what a company tells you, the arugula seeds that I have in my garden have been openly pollenated, and I have been there to watch this occur.  I also know that they havent been contaminated with pesticides or herbicides and I have fertilized them with my own concoctions of worm and moo-poo tea's.

I have also had the unique experiance of pricing illness. Not just a 3 day ordeal, or a week,. but 3 long years, until I finally landed, face down, into the Mayo Clinic.

I was lucky. They found out what was wrong with me, and after insurance paid what they were willing to pay, but I was left with thousands, upon thousands of dollars worth of medical bills. Like I said,. I was lucky. I later discovered, that there really isnt any research on the bacterial infection that I had, because it is usually missed, and no one has been successful in recreating the infection in a controlled enviroment. Very lucky indeed!

I am also even more lucky then anyone would believe, when my doctor didnt know what to do, after I was treated, but continued to have physical problems. I was on my own. Again,. very lucky.

Sounds crazy? I had surpassed crazy a long time ago. Now I was in the unique position to make all things ,..possible. Instead of having a 10 day supply of antibiotics, or any other kind of medical treatment, I was at rock bottom. all I could do was look up. I was weak, off balance, and could barely stay awake for more than a few hours at a time.

What I saw was a deep dark hole,. and I was sitting in the bottom. Understanding the human body , and some basic rejuvination processes our bodies do, the food supply became my only medicine. What most people do in a few weeks to a year, I did in 72 hours. I cleared my pantry, and started growing my own food supply and had everyones support. Very lucky

The day my doctor shrugged his shoulders, was also the day, by some small miracle, that the video by Dr. Terry Wahls, showed up on my Facebook page. She is very clear about growing your own food. Somehow,. just in the nick of time, her video arrived. Am I lucky, or what??!!

Micro-nutrition is only obtained through gardening and harvesting your own vegetables. You can buy your own vegetables, from a local farmer, but if they are more than 10 hours old, the phyto-chemicals have all but disappeared. Almost everything you buy is stale,. yum!

Then there is the problem of buying your seeds. Your cheaper, readily available seeds, from your local  hardware store. If they are drought, fungus, insect resistant, you have a problem. If you grow heirloom, you will have to battle those problems on your own, organiclly, which is, in itself, labor intensive, and a problem.

That problem could also be GMO. That seed could have also been crossed with a tree nut. If you are allergic to tree nuts, how would you know>? Labeling is not required. The seed can be crossed with almost anything. Are you willing to eat that??

Welcome to capitolism. I am not oppsed to capitolism, I am opposed to not being allowed to be informed and make my own choices. You can make a profit, it is the american way,. just dont do it at my expense.

so I grow my own, more expensive, seeds. Over time, it becomes cost effective. I will collect thousands of seeds. How will I grow them all?? I wont!!  I will exchange them for seeds I want or need.

Gardeners have a secret club< not really, seed swaps are all over the internet>. we exchange for free, all the time! We never hestitate to share. From moo poo tea, to seeds to grow your own loofah sponges, we just do it! It a wonderful world!

Exchanging seeds isnt the reason I harvest my own seeds,. I kinda fell into this knowledge , by accident. There is a much more improtant reason.

This is another way, I control  my food supply.

Yes I still buy seeds,. carefully. I go to great lenghts to insure there is no gluten , GMO, soy and/or corn.  I dont even grow wheat grass, for fear its seed is contaminated. Sound eXtreme?? Probably, but why chance it?? I take the extra steps, and I THRIVE!! I can walk and bike, exerise, and WORK!!! if I dont,. and there has been times when pizza won due to exhaustion, instead of common sense. I fall,.wobble, get dizzy, unbalanced, I HURT!! I dont need a ten year study, for ANY doctor to tell me that whole foods, pasture raised foods are healthier than the standard american diet.  I love denial, the ones who enter my office saying, I am 70 years old and never had a problem before,.ok,. well you have one now, and eating fresh foods is the way out!

I offer anything in my garden to ANYONE who is battling to get well, at no extra charge!

 Taking the extra step to insure my seeds are heirloom, is just another step to unwinding the damage that has been done, from a food supply I use to approve of.