Never ending,..

Apr. 5, 2013

Today I walked throught the last part of my garden at my house, and collected the remaining vegetables I want to transport over to the office garden. I started this journey almost a year ago, and I have never crossed a finishline. For every part of my garden I have harvested, there is a new young fragile plant to put in place. I love that.

It is my favorite part of hydroponics. I have a 365 day system. every holiday is a feast of dense nutrition, vitamin packed vegetables. Picked just as the pot of water lets off steam. It doesnt get any better than this! I have lady bugs in my hair, squished aphids between my finger tips, and last weeks dirt in my shoes. It keeps going. I love that.

I walked into my greenhouse today,. and found a flock of bluebirds sitting on the pitch. I moved slow, and they didnt move. They just waited and watched me until I was done. A squirrel ran from underneath with a cherry tomatoe in his mouth,..little thieving tree rat,. however,. there is plenty to share. 2 wrens were busy searching through my plants for any morsel they could find. They have become accustum to me walking in and out of THEIR greenhouse. I hung a paintied gourd that I harvested from last year, in the greenhouse, and they quickly took up housekeeping. I love that,

The artichokes that I seeded last year are finally growing,..who knew it was a 2 year crop,. and a 20 year supply,.anyone?? My mango tree is sprouting its next supply of leaves, and the banana trees have unfolded their huge leaves. I have planted my next supply of tomatoes, and my 2 year old revenna eggplant is in all its glory. Lettuce seeds are in the planter, and will again,. provide fresh salad, and micro-green nutrition. I have planted all of my spare seeds in a mason jar, for sprouts,.again.  I love that!

I have soaked organic almonds over night and made almond cheese,.seasoned with fresh herbs from the garden.   I post and text the ones who like it,. and there is a stampede and sometimes a biding pursues for the last jar. I provide gluten free cracker for eveyone, and they dont hestitate to open the jar right then and there and begin to enjoy it. Everyone says muffled goodbyes as they leave with their treasures in hand..I love that !!

I wont forget to mention the eggs of easter egg colors of blue, teal, green, brown and pink.

I open each and every carton for inspection and point out which one I think is the most beautiful, I pretend to look for cracks and damage,. but the real reason is to listen to everyone say,. "Wow! Cool!,. they are the best tasting eggs!" "yes they are,..look at this pink one!" I say,. with an ever so slight hint of drama in my voice. They stare into the carton like they have discovered a lost treasure, and the pink one,.well,.that is the brass ring of egg colors. I know for a fact that it is the egg they will show off to guests and neighbors, before being forced to crack it open for breakfast the next day.  I love that!!!

I love when my best friend/boyfriend walks into the wrens greenhouse and looks upon the hottest peppers in the world and says "these are my peppers!" He grins. I say,. "yes they are,. you must be so proud" ( he only planted them 4 months ago,..really??) I still,..really, that!

Strangers pull up to look and admire,.people I haven't seen in a while stop by to see, children on bikes wander/wonder into the yard to sneek a sugarsnap pea. I place red flags next to the fire breathing peppers, not to deter but just to warn,.if you dare,.and my spare plants are now planted through out the yard and seeds too,. making even my landscaping edible. I really REALLY love that.

My life keeps getting better and better,. and the people who are to remain are still here,. and the ones who were never suppose to be, are gone,.and new people have showed up , in all their glory and wisdom,.. I keep running around the next bend, on a race track without a finishline,.recreating my life,. one plant at a time.

I love that!