May. 14, 2013

In our Eco-friendly, awareness, super charged world,.I have discovered a little known product called soapnuts!

At first I thought it was something man made from organic products, which always raises a red flag for me. After very little research, I am amazed that , not only are they grown and picked from a tree, but they are non toxic, clean EVERYTHING really well, and there is no need to rinse them from your clothes??  Really??

So,. here is what I have learned. The toxic soap detergent you use every day, not only pollutes the environment, it is loaded with chemicals,but left inside the fibers of your clothing can irritate your skin. soapnuts are a naturally occurring "soap", not a chemical. We literally from birth, teach our bodies to "accept" this bombardment of chemical absorption , until our bodies don't recognize our reaction to something that shouldn't be in our bodies (ie, rashes, ect,..).

I have said many times, if you will not put it in your mouth, don't put it on your skin, this also includes something that would never occur to most of us, since it is secondary application. Placed in water, rinsed and then dried, we never think about. I know I didn't. I was more concerned with lotions and perfumes

so here is how it works. you place 5-10 soapnuts into a muslin bag or an old sock, and you toss them into your laundry. You can fish the bag out if you want before it goes into the rinse cycle, if you prefer. I find this unpredictable for myself, so I wait until it is done . I pull out the bag and hang it up to dry until my next load. 5-10 soap nuts will do about 7-10 loads of clothing. I don't have to worry about residue left behind, because there isn't any. The soap is the "word" used, it is naturally occurring cleanser. I am also not worried about applying olive oil to my skin, shea butter, or cocoa butter .

Now,. does it work?? Yes,. amazingly so. I also have to tell you that we are not light and fluffy people,.we work, and we work hard., in the Florida sun, with animals, with people, .in gardens, under car hoods,.its not pretty.

I am shocked with how clean my clothes are.

Here is the convincing part, if the rest didn't catch your attention.



of course I am finding other things to do with my soapnuts,. like grinding up a handful of them in a coffee-grinder to make a powder. I also am dissolving some of that powder in water and make my own hand soap, great!! I have used some as a shampoo,.Im on the fence about it, but you may love it!

So we waste a lot of money on things we don't need,to spend $35 dollars a year for something that is so friendly, sounds like a safe bet,.a golden idea, and a step in the right direction.

You can find them on Amazon, or Google "soapnuts". I am lovin' mine!