May. 17, 2013

First and foremost,. let me say,. I LOVE BREAD! I use to have bread with nearly every meal. In one shape or another, toast for breakfast or a muffin or English muffin or a croissant, sandwich for lunch, and crackers with my soup or salad, don't forget the croutons!! A roll with dinner and a buttered biscuit. Seems normal. I love cereal. Challa bread dipped in egg then fried to perfection. Hawaiian sweet bread chopped and rolled in beaten eggs and cinnamon, baked to a golden brown,.yum! I use to make a killer, homemade double crusted apple pie, that was award winning!!  really,..county fair, blue ribbon ! I love corn flakes so much,. I can't have them in the house, or shortbread cookies, pretzels, or oyster crackers. Biscuits and gravy;",..I could make everything from scratch, and it was a Sunday morning staple.

THAT,...was a life time ago.

I was raised in farm country. Corn and wheat were the norm. I use to run through fields of them as a child, and I was easily amused how I could simply disappear when I would play hide and seek. I use to rest in the fields of wheat and watch the clouds roll by, and sometimes take a nap. Times have changed.

Wheat has been modified. it is no longer shoulder high! Wheat grows no higher then 18 inches high! I avoid it , as if it were the next plague.

Insert Mother day weekend. Normally , in the past 4 years, I stay home as my best friend/boyfriend runs 2 hours south to spend time with his family for holidays. I have just been to sick to go, and didn't want to interfere with everyone else holiday. Then there is the stress of their "type" of food choices. Never in a million years, did I think I would have to take on such a battle. At first, I attempted to eat their casserole delights,. and I have to admit, they are scrumptious. filled, with what I thought was dairy, mushrooms, and butter,after the first try,.I discovered it was merely cream of mushroom soup and margarine. OMG!!  They were eating plastic and GMO and calling it FOOD! I called it misery. I would become so uncomfortable by Sunday morning, I was often ready to go home. But other things occurred, that they considered normal. Tension would rise, arguments would occur, and patience was lost. Huh? I spent a lot of time calming tempers. So later down the line, I brought my own food,and it was assumed, I was offended by their choices. I was not. I was offended by my choices. I LOVE holiday food! It doesn't love me,. but needless to say,. things were said. I was perplexed. I brought my own so no one would feel obligated to fix something different, cause I was visiting. Added bonus, I grew my own, so there was literally no expense, it tasted better, and it was up to me to prepare. Then came the times, where I literally couldn't handle the stress , at least not physically , that went on,. so I stopped going. It became very clear to me that food choices caused all this havoc, with me, and with them as well. the only thing that seemed to be noticed , was my absence.

I literally had a friend, who stated " I can eat what I want,. I don't have YOUR problems!" <big happy grin> . I stared at her in disbelief and asked "did you not just spend thousands of dollars trying to normalize your hormones?" "wasnt your triglycerides out of control?" "right?"

She stampered a bit and said ,.."well,..yeah,..but,..I still eat,..huh." I chimed in "hormone disruptive foods, foods that stimulates the same part of the brain that forms addictions, foods that punch holes in your gut <silence>


Now again,. let me be clear. I LOVE BREAD. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ,holiday food! It doesn't love me.

I have also been tested. I have no allergies to gluten, rye, mold, pollen,.Ha! I react to it. I also avoid bread and all processed foods, due to the horror that will some day be known as the GMO generation.